Train Timetable

Copyright Christopher Instone 2006Blakedown Station, Copyright Andrew Hill 2004Copyright  Christopher Instone 2006Copyright Christopher Instone 2006

We are fortunate to have available to us in Blakedown and Churchill a well served railway station on the regional network with good links to the National "Inter-City" system in Birmingham and Worcester.

Kind thanks go to Christopher Instone for the photographs of the engines in the above pictures. More can be found at his website:

The links below will take you to the National Rail Enquiries Journey Plan Service and the ARRIVALS and DEPARTURES board for Blakedown Station.

National Rail

Live Departure Boards

Also of interest may be the Stourbridge Line Users Group (SLUG). A quote from their web site:
"We are a group dedicated to improving the standard of public transport. Our aim is to create a user friendly rail service that meets all the expectations of reliability, frequency and cleanliness."