Local Organisations Directory


RAINBOWS 6.00 p.m. Monday Blakedown Parish Room Term-time only
BROWNIES 6.30 p.m. Monday Blakedown Parish Room Term-time only
BEAVERS 5.30 p.m. Monday Scout Hut
CUBS 7.00 p.m. Monday Scout Hut
SCOUTS 7.00 p.m. Wednesday Scout Hut
EXPLORERS 7.00 p.m. Thursday Locations Vary
Times vary Scout Hut

SHORT MAT BOWLS 7.30 p.m. Thursday Blakedown Parish Room
MOTHERS & TODDLERS 9.30 a.m. Tuesday Blakedown Parish Room
BLAKEDOWN WOMEN'S INSTITUTE 7.30 p.m. 2nd Wednesday in month Blakedown Parish Room

BLAKEDOWN RECREATION ROOMS (Snooker) 7 Belbroughton Road Contact 700818




Priest in Charge Reverend Paul Harrison (Free Day Friday) 700144
Hon. Readers: Mr Gerald Dyer 700748
. .
Wardens: Churchill Mr David Phillips 700365
Churchill Vacant
Blakedown Mrs. Sarah Brehony 700691
Blakedown Mrs Janice Johns 700543
Broome Mrs Diana Ingham 68908
Broome Mr Burnett Reyner 777945
Organist Blakedown Mr Graham Rock 884926
Hon. P.C.C. Secretaries: .
Churchill with Blakedown Mr Gerald Dyer 700748
Broome Mrs Anne Wood 700625
Hon. P.C.C. Treasurers: Churchill Mr Roy Keys 700231
. Blakedown Mr Mike Edwards 700228
. Broome Mrs Diana Ingham 68908
Church Flowers: .
Blakedown Mrs Catherine Clark 700894
Churchil Mrs Pauline Hayward 700476
Broome Mrs Doreen Hughes 884340
Magazine Adverts Secretary Mrs Marilyn Hiscock 700701
Distribution Managers: Blakedown: Mrs Diana Reed-Daunter 700481
. Churchill: Mrs Jackie Morgan 700963
. Broome: Mrs Joy Gascoyne 887735
Care Group Mrs Mary Macdiarmid 700776
Village Hall Broome Mr. Stephen Downing 700279
Churchill Village Hall Mrs. J. Snipe 700230

The deadline for the inclusion of material in next month's 'Broadcast'magazine is the 14th of this month. Please submit as follows: all Church items to the Wardens;
Churchill with Blakedown village items and all diary dates to Marilyn Hiscock (700701); Broome village items to Diana Ingham (68908). Thank you.

Local Business Directory

Churchill and Blakedown has many varied Local Businesses, and we are happy to mention them here. If you wish your local business mentioned on this site, please contact the WebMaster. If you want more then just a mention, we ask for a donation towards the running costs of the site and we can do more.