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Fax Machine
There is now a fax machine at the Post Office. This has been donated by the Parish Council. The Parish Council feel sure that in its new home it will be well used and be of benefit to residents.

A Pictorial History of Churchill and Blakedown
As it's title states this book gives a graphical account of the history of the villages from early days up to later parts of the 20th century. It comprises 140 pages of photographs, pictures and maps. It was edited by Peter S Legat and sponsored by the Parish Council
Copies can be obtained from Roger Gurney, the Clerk to Churchill and Blakedown Parish Council, priced �50 or �00 including postage. He can be contacted at, or on 01905 830756, or at 56 Malvern Road, Powick, Worcester, WR2 4RT.

Annual Parish Meeting
This is the one meeting of the year for the electors of the Parish to discuss matters of interest or concern about the Parish. If present, the Parish Council Chairman presides, but this is a meeting of the Parish, not the parish council. The Meeting will be held on Wednesday 20th April 2005, at 7.30 pm, in the Village Hall at Churchill. Speakers on local matters of interest are being invited to attend.

Village Handyman
There is a vacancy for a Contractor to be the Village Handyman, to undertake general outside maintenance duties across the parish, including clearing of footpaths, cutting grass around public seats, cutting back overhanging branches and litter picking in specific areas.
This work would be expected to take no longer than one day per week (or equivalent).

Enquiries regarding terms and details should be made to Roger Gurney, Clerk to the Parish Council, on 01905 830756, or, or via any Parish Councillor.
(This will also be advertised in Blakedown Post Office).

Post from M Hiscock 9th August 2004
Do you enjoy concerts at Symphony Hall?
The coach that transports music lovers to concerts from Kidderminster for the Tuesday evening series will now stop to pick up in  Blakedown at the Old House at Home bus stop.There are ten concerts during the season 2004/2005and seats can be booked from the Box  Office 0121 780 3333
If you would like to take advantage of the transport then contact Sophie Scott on 0121 616 6513 or e-mail I do have some leaflets to distribute giving details. Marilyn Hiscock 01562 700701