The Blakedown Recreation Room
7 Belbroughton Road Blakedown, Kidderminster DY10 3JG

It was given and furnished by George Edward Wilson of Albright and Wilson who lived at Park Hall and Henry Lewis of Dudley House (ex. Roxhall) for the use and enjoyment of the Blakedown Residents as a snooker club.

In 1904 the room started with about 60 members and ended the year with a balance in hand of 10shillings and 4pence. In 1954 the room had 36 members with a balance in hand of £63.00, in 2002 the club was still very active with some 50 members and a healthy bank balance.

In 1922 a marble tablet was erected in the club by the president G.E. Wilson containing 43 names of past and present members of the Blakedown Recreation Room who served in the Great War 1914-1918. There is also an enlarged photograph of Leonard Dunsby, the one member who made the supreme sacrifice.

Mr. G.E. Wilson and Mr. H. Lewis actively supported the club until their deaths in 1927 and 1919 respectively.

At the Annual General Meeting on the 2nd May 1938 Mr. W.H. Grazebrook recorded that the rules for the election of Trustees and other officers were contained in the deed registered with the Charity Commission.

In 1954 one had an impression of refined comfort on entering the room with two billiard tables, only one of these being a full size table, the floor covered with linoleum and in the winter the warmth came from three gas fires. Since then the club has been extended, it now has three full sized tables, carpet throughout and the luxury of central heating along with other facilities. Rex Williams opened this extension in 1991 and gave a demonstration of his ability on the snooker table to the pleasure of the members.

The tradition of the club still continues and adds greatly to the amenities of the village, with four trustees and a dedicated management committee actively involved.

Anyone wishing to know more about these amenities can contact any member of the committee.

M.J. Pitt (Secretary) Tel. No. 01562 700818 Email:

The Club is run by a dedicated management committee and 4 Trustees who are actively involved.
Membership is open for both men and women ages 15 onwards.
   - All junior members (15-18yrs) are required to be interviewed by a committee representative prior to membership approval.
   - Membership fees are reviewed and renewed each year