What does a Tenant Consultative Committee do?

Tenat Consultative Committees have been set up to allow Tenants, Officers of the Wyre Forest Community Housing Group
& local councillors to meet, exchange ideas and work out solutions to common problems.
Together they deal with problems at an estate level and over the years have been successful in securing environmental improvements
such as parking bays, landscaping, security lighting, grit bins etc.
athe committees have also played a vital role in helping to monitor services and ensuring that they are efficient and cost effective.
Recently T.C.Cs have had the opportunity to influence the modernisation and improvement schemes promised by the company
(which includes the replacement of kitchens, bathrooms, external doors and heating systems) and have helped to ensure
that W.F.C.H.G. deliver all the other promises made to tenants in the consultation document through review panels.

Current members of the committee are:
D. Bridgwater (chairman) G. Stevens (vice chairman)
Mrs. S. Bridgwater, Mrs. M. Stevens, Mr. D. Wills
Mrs. P. Coley, Mrs. G. Cotgrave, Mrs. C. Ryan
Mrs. S. Wills, Mrs. S. Shipley, Mrs. H. Hancox
Mr. P. Davies, Mrs. B. Davies, Mrs. M. Dean, Mrs. S. Franklyn

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