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let me introduce myself. Im Sam Duggins. Frontman of Birmingham Based Indie Hardcore act Sienna.After being together just 6 months, we have taken off in a big way and been chosen to support the likes of Lights Action, Yashin, Saving Aimee and A Textbook Tragedy.Our show with Saving Aimee at Birmingham 02 Bar Academy is SOLD OUT and were constantly snowballing our fanbase. We have also been chosen to play the main stage at Himley Parks “Rock The Castle” in July and as a headline act at Birminghams “SPRINGSTOCK” festival.

We have played all around the country and were looking to get more shows and recognition further afield than our immediate vicinity.

 To go alongside our recent success we have also been chosen for a charity album due for release on itunes next week called "break the habit" and were headling weston super mares rock gardens in July. We have also been played on BBC WM radio, Brooklyn Radio and Skratch FM.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 
Base Studios Review:-
Hardcore 5 piece ban Sienna not only took centre stage but took our very breath from us. In a previous reviw in Freaked it was said that they would "be hitting this year like a freight train", they continued right on track. Without a doubt everyone should experience the power of this 5 piece group at least once in their lives. They used the whole of the room and regularly broke the boundaries of the stage by taking their act into the crowd - they were utterly fearless. The music was tight, the performance was fiery and the band clearly has an optimistic future on the cards.
Tuesday, April 14, 2009 
Review from

Sandwiched between two alternative melodic rock bands was the hard-hitting Sienna who stamped their presence with piercing screams from the off. It was quite a brutal force in comparison to the other bands playing tonight and it certainly got peoples attention. The combination of Sam Duggins’ metal screams and Adison’s indie melodies were quite reminiscent of Alexisonfire. The tempo of the guitars and drums altered depending on who took lead vocals, which created an interesting and diverse sound. At times they had an almost eerie tone especially in ‘Under a Burning Sky’ where the guitars really stood out.
‘For the Harlot’ jolted and pounded, Sams’ growls and whispers demonstrated his exceptional ability. He is a confident frontman. The drums were strong and the guitars tight and intricate, but sometimes a little too distorted to fully appreciate. The melodic vocals could have been a little stronger, however for a band that has only been playing together since November 2008, they have great talent. They are an energetic band and with a little work to polish their performance; this young Birmingham band should have a promising future.


Sam Duggins: Sienna: 07792 035208

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Sunday, March 01, 2009 
Sienna Interview
What's hotter than a spot of tea, rocks harder than rock candy and more approachable than Elmo? UK band, Sienna. Have you ever heard a band and just wanted to reach out and contact them? That is exactly what we did with Sienna, and believe it or not, these cousins from across the pond were easier to contact than most of the artists in our own back yard. Sienna is humble, talented and determined. They ask for nothing more than a warm bed, a hug and to be number one on the charts...

SPNLGY: What would you like listeners to take away from your music?
SIENNA: Our lyrics are well thought through and we like to think that we tell genuine stories through our songs. "Under A Burning Sky" was written about the World Trade Centre Disasters. If we can generate emotions from our music then its getting into your soul and thats what we like. Music is your friend and will make you happy, sad, energetic, excited....everything.

SPNLGY: What inspires you?
SIENNA: From seeing bands live ourselves, and getting the great feeling that an electric performance gives fans, it has always been at the forefront of our music to get those moments replicated. Seeing somebody out in the audience having a good time, gives you such exhileration that its always an inspiration to want to see that at every show. Lets us know were doing something right.

SPNLGY: What is a typical day in your life like?
SIENNA: We actually work really hard in normal day life. Some of us have full time jobs and others are at university full time. Not a day goes by where we don't promote ourselves. We always use every bit of our time thats not work, to further the band, and if not then we all hang out to keep the bond and friendship alive. Were all best friends. Some of us are in relationships too so keeping those segregated from band and work is also a priority. Aside from that really we just enjoy our relaxing time. Its a fast paced lifestyle were trying to operate and strength and motivation is key.

SPNLGY: What is your favorite part of being a musician?
SIENNA: I think were all in agreeance that being a musician is an immense job to have. We get to meet lots of new people from various backgrounds and regardless of putting on a great show, It's our fans that make us who we are and dictate our lives, so meeting our fans and becoming friends is the best part. I must admit though that road-trips to distant venues, getting a bit drunk and sleeping in cars is also fun haha.

SNLGY: What do you want readers to know about you?
SIENNA: We just want readers to know that were genuine and not self centred. Were not unobtainable like most musicians these days. We answer our own emails, run our own myspace, and book our own shows. Come and talk to us, message us and interact. Were human at the end of the day. Come to a show. Music alone doesn't give the full performance, you need to see us live to fully appreciate what were doing, as we put everything into our performances. We've had cut fingers from guitars and Sam burst a blood vessel screaming. We've had twisted knees from jumping off stage, but i guess most injuries occur after the show.

SNLGY: Who are your favorite musicians?
SIENNA: Musicians we all love come from every genre. From Alexisonfire to Camille and onto Incubus. We love all music styles as thats what we draw our influences from. Being ignorant and only liking one genre has the fearful risk of pigeon holing us and sounding too much like somebody else and only appealing to fans of that genre. What we love most is that we have all ages at our shows from all backgrounds of music.

SPNNLGY: What is one thing you could not live without?
SIENNA: Without a doubt its a warm bed. Got to have "me" time and get some sleep in. Drinking tea too (very english i know), but tea is like bed in a cup. Aside from that, if you ever see us around then come give us a hug. Can't live without those life binders either.

SPNLGY: If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
SIENNA: Scandinavia appeals to me (Sam) most. Its a beautiful part of the world with greens and whites everywhere. I actually love the cold too so its ideal. As for the rest of the band, I think they would Agree as were all into skiing/snowboarding so could let looses out there and have a good time.

SPNLGY: What is your musical goal?
SIENNA: Definitely to get worldwide recognition. Were not after fame at all, but if we can be widely appreciated for what we love to do then thats an idealistic world for us. We want to be able to make a living from our music so that would be an amazing goal. Maybe a number one in the charts too would be nice but now were just dreaming ha.

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