Just a quick update on the Parish Plan that so many of you have responded to in the form of questionnaires and consultations. Thank you for all your interest. Any other points you would like to raise please contact or 01562 777471 or 07747618487
All your responses have been added together as data or typed up ready as quotes for the final plan.
The writing of the text is underway and four sections are nearly complete. In the draft that we are working towards, there are six themes so we are more than half way through the first stage. Maps, diagrams and photographs are being used to illustrate the points that have been raised by residents. In addition to current affairs there is a lot of background information that is of interest. We would be interested to have some proof readers who have not been involved in the writing of the document, as fresh pairs of critical eyes to check text and layout. Their work would be some time after the next meeting if you are interested then please use the contacts above.
The next meeting is due September 8th 8pm at The Swan, Birmingham Road Blakedown.

6th November 2008
We hope you have received newsletter containing information about the Parish plan through your door.  This letter contained information about the questionnaire filled in by many residents and giving you a further chance to make suggestions or comments.


We are starting to prepare the document that will be The Parish Plan.  We would appreciate previously unpublished photographs old and new of the parish to illustrate the document.  The Parish has purchased an electronic map to use in the plan and for the community at large. 


Various sub groups have been suggested to investigate issues that were raised in the questionnaire circulated throughout the Parish.  It has been decided to have an extra group of young people to voice their needs and concerns.  We need volunteers to be members of this group, please offer your help if you are under 20 or if you can propose a suitable person we could approach.  Information about the other groups is available on request and any one interested in becoming involved is very welcome.


As a result of needs identified in a questionnaire we have started a “Parish Delivery Network”.  Each member delivers letters to a small number of neighbours (sometimes as few as 10 houses).  This splits the villages that make up the Parish into very manageable chunks so the task of delivering anything is not too onerous.  Any Parish organisation could use the network to blanket cover the Parish with information about events or news from their group.


Please contact us via

Email            parishpl@googlemail.com

Freda Griffith 07747618487

Vicky Swindells 01562 701265

Or pop a note into Jack’s Cottage next to the Post Office



Please give us a ring to see if you can become involved

(22nd October 2007)

The PARISH PLAN is under way.

We have had two meetings.  The whole idea was initiated by the Parish Council, but it’s not ‘their baby’ EVERY ONE is entitled to a say and as many people as possible will be consulted.  The first meeting was just to kick off, second meeting was with the Local Authority Officer in charge to advise and steer us.

There are benefits:

There is as ever lots more to do and just for once you are not being asked to DO anything (so heave a sigh of relief!) I just wanted to make sure you knew for the web site and for your many roles in the community.  You may however at some point be pressed for some opinions. 

Of course if you want to be more involved then of course you are more than welcome as is any one in the parish – OR  who uses the parish (like myself) or for example out of parish families who use the school, parish rooms, sports field etc etc

(e-mail via the Webster)

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