The WI meet every second Wednesday in the month at 7-30 in the Blakedown Parish rooms, visitors are always welcome and they're free to see what we're about before committing themselves! Information about the month's meeting is in the display box by the P.O. and the box near the Parish rooms.

Blakedown W.I. News and Information

July Meeting 2009

During the course of W.I. business the President June Homer announced that Blakedown had come 5th in the county Quiz. She thanked the participants Ann Lindop, Ann Blackwell, Rosemary Redhead and Doreen Chatwin for doing so well. Doreen had also kindly provided the pretty flower arrangement for the July meeting.

The President thanked her before then thanking June Gordon for organising a very successful trip to Orleton House in June. The hospitable welcome and the glorious gardens contributed to a most enjoyable day.

The President then gave an account of her attendance last month at the W.I. AGM held at the Royal Albert Hall. Arriving the day before allowed her to relax in London, before facing the action packed agenda the following day. As usual the organisation was very professional with several speakers, who showed their appreciation of the work and impact of the W.I. as a unique, national body. Actress Maureen Lipman, journalist Eve Pollard and musician Richard Stilgoe were among the speakers whose amusing, but sometimes serious comments, entertained the audience. The delegates had overwhelmingly backed the “SOS for Honeybees” resolution after listening to opposing views.

The speaker for the evening, Mrs Elizabeth Moulder, gave a very interesting and amusing talk on “Writing for Pleasure and Profit”. She recalled her early attempts to get her stories accepted by publishers and gave a number of tips for avoiding rejection. Mrs Moulder suggested that we are all embryonic writers and demonstrated how we can use the format of magazine articles to compose similar contributions. Family life, daily routines, hobbies and inspiration from overheard remarks can all inspire an article or story. She mentioned the useful writing holidays at the University of Wales and finished by reading one of her published short stories, which reflected her great sense of humour.

Several members contributed to social time by reading aloud favourite poems or prose. The finale was a short sketch enacted by our two in-house writers, Doreen Chatwin and June Gordon. Their amusing, rhyming dialogue, between a wife and her idle husband, was of their usual high standard.

For the next meeting on 9th September members are asked to bring photographs of dogs or doggy tales as the speaker will be talking about the Dog’s Trust.

June Meeting 2009

The President June Homer welcomed visitors from Bentley Pauncefoot W.I. to the meeting on a wet June evening. A beautiful flower arrangement by Joan Peck decorated the President’s table.

Members were reminded of the various imminent trips and the President gave a brief summary of the recent AG.M. held at the Albert Hall. She praised the excellent organisation which had contributed to a memorable and enjoyable day. Forthcoming events, supported by W.I. members include Blakedown Bolt in June and the Village Fete in September. Members have also been invited, by the children of the local school, to their very own Blakedown’s Got Talent. Something not to be missed!

In the unexpected absence of a speaker for the evening, new member Diane Harrison kindly gave an impromptu talk about the pilgrimage undertaken in May by herself and her husband Father Paul. She conveyed both the enjoyment and the spiritual aspect of the 74 mile walk with a group of friends, whose ages ranged from 43 to 76.

Their journey to Santiago de Compostela, sometimes in pouring rain, was completed in six days and took them through rural Spain, where they were treated to a great deal of hospitality. The culmination of the pilgrimage was the Pilgrims’ Mass in the cathedral followed by sightseeing in a city buzzing with street entertainers, fireworks and a funfair.  Diane felt that this ritual, which has taken place for hundreds of years was not only a prayerful journey but a holiday as well.

Diane was thanked heartily by the President for stepping into the breach at the last moment. The evening was concluded after a fun quiz testing everyone’s knowledge of cities around the world.

The Vice- President concluded the evening by reminding everyone to bring any of their literary efforts to the next meeting, when the theme is “Writing for Pleasure and Profit” on 8th July.

Blakedown W.I. Report May 2009

The President welcomed 24 members to the May meeting.
Nadine Anderson was thanked for her delightful flower arrangement.
Also welcomed to the meeting was Mrs. Joy Peers, who was to judge the 'Annie Harrison' plate competition.
The President thanked Mrs. Janice Jones for organising the theatre outing on May 1st 2009. Our President told members that Blakedown W.I. Had taken the silver award in the 'Demonstration and Display competition. She thanked Jean Curry, Margaret Dams, Kath Edwards, Joan Peck & Chris Burt for displaying items for the competition. A vote of thanks was given to Chris Burt, Margaret Dams, Pat Taylor, Kath Edwards, June Gordon, Doreen Chatwin & June Homer for providing the refreshments for this event. Mrs. June Gordon gave details of the 2 outings:
A visit to Alton House on 11th June.
A visit to Stratford on 18th August.
The result of the 'Annie Harrison' plate competition was won by Joan Dunn and in second place June Homer.
Margaret Dams gave a most interesting and informative account on the resolution 'SOS Honeybees'. After hearing all her information the members were asked to vote on the resolution – motion carried.
Two Denman Bursaries were awarded: Margaret Dams & Amanda Bailey.
A quiz compiled by June Gordon & Doreen Chatwin on 'Drink, Food & Plants' completed the evening.

April Meeting 2009

The Vice- President Doreen Chatwin welcomed everyone to the meeting on a beautiful April evening. She thanked Margaret Dams for the elegant flower arrangement she had created for the president’s table.

The President included in the evening’s business the news that Jackie Burrow had successfully arranged a beginners’ course in computers, which will take place in Blakedown School Car Park. The library service is to deliver the course there on board  ”The Bus”.  Members were reminded of the forthcoming County Quiz and the two trips being organised by June Gordon. Free transport is being provided for both trips in June and August. Jan Jones also reminded everyone of the theatre visit in May to Wolverhampton Grand, which promises to be an entertaining evening with the performance of “La Cage aux Folles”.

The Vice – President then introduced Jean Harper, who had come from Ledbury to demonstrate the making of “Delicious Desserts”. Miss Harper proceeded to give a most engrossing talk, whilst producing six desserts extremely swiftly. It was clear that she previously had a career in catering. Equipment and ingredients were prepared with military precision. Everything was to hand and quickly tidied away in storage boxes after use.

Miss Harper gave handy tips as she worked. Amazingly all six desserts were beautifully presented and placed in front of the W.I. to admire. The members’ attentiveness was reflected in the quiet that had pervaded the Parish Rooms until this point. The President thanked Miss Harper for the well organised demonstration and invited everyone to sample the desserts. A long, lively queue immediately formed.

This provided a very agreeable end to the evening.

The Vice- President invited members to try their hand at baking for the Annie Harris Plate competition at the next meeting on May 13th.

For further information please send a note to the Webster