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The school offers a warm and friendly environment for both children and their parents and it fosters a caring atmosphere for all who attend or visit the school.

We at Blakedown School believe that the good ethos provided in the school is of paramount importance and fundamental to the learning processes and all-round education of our children. We therefore hope that the atmosphere created in the school will encourage our children to work to their full potential, form good sound relationships, enjoy their early years of schooling and provide a firm foundation for the future.

The Blakedown School Prospectus provides a snapshot of our school community, its aims, curriculum provision and organisation.
For further information please contact Blakedown School or visit their official web site www.blakedowncofeprimary.co.uk
Following the recent review of schools in the Hagley area, Blakedown CE First Scool became a Primary School for children aged 5 - 11 in September 2004.

The school is situated in the attractive residential village of Blakedown, some three miles east of Kidderminster on the main A456 Birmingham Road. Most of the pupils live in or around the village, although in recent years many children who live outside the immediate catchment area have attended the school through parental choice.

Blakedown School has always been an important focal point of village life and shares pleasing relationships an a good reputation within the local community.

CE Primary School

Blakedown Church of England Primary First School was established in 1885 as an all age school. It was later reorganised as a 5 - 11 Primary School and became a First School for children aged 5 - 9 years in 1973.

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