Churchill and Blakedown Millennium Green Trust


I am pleased to report that the Millennium Green Trust has had another successful year. The unusually
wet summer has ensured continued
growth of the trees and hedges enhancing the maturity of the Green.
In addition to the normal maintenace, work has been undertaken to enhance further its facilities and
amenities, with a new bench donated by the scouts. The Green was used once more for the annual Village Fete.

Following damage to the field and to the access barrier from Forge Lane, Severn Trent provided a much
more substantial removable, galvanized
barrier. The ruts and surface damage have now recovered.

We were extremely grateful to receive financial contributions from the Norman Dawson Trust, from the
Parish Council and a donation from the Fete Committee. We thank all of them for their support.

Once more I should like to place on record my sincere thanks to all my fellow Trustees - Chris Lindley,
Geoff Elwell (Treasurer), Jonathan Clark
and John Rostron for all their hard work and support during the year.

We hope to have another successful year.

David Priestnall (Chairman of Trustees)                 3 November 2008

New Access Barrier Police in Attendance at Village Fete 2008 Village Fete 2008
Village Fete 2008 Village Fete 2008 Village Fete 2008
Village Fete 2008 Village Fete 2008 Snow on Millenium Green January 2009

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