Churchill & Blakedown
Millennium Green Trust

Charity Registration Number 1079338

What the Project is about

The project is designed to provide a facility for us here in Churchill & Blakedown that is owned by the community itself. A grant from the National Lottery of £35,329 has been awarded to match local contributions towards the cost of creating the Millennium Green sited on the Old Playing Field next to the Parish Rooms.

In April 2000 the land transfered from the Old Playing Field Trust into the new Churchill & Blakedown Millennium Green Trust, set up to look after the site for the people of Churchill & Blakedown forever.

The initial Trustees are as follows:

David Priestnall Parish Council Chairman & Secratary
Geoff Elwell Local Resident Treasurer
John Rostron Parish Rooms
Jonathan Clark The Old Playing Field
Mrs Chris Lindley Blakedown Scout Group

Here is the original plan for the Millennium Green. Click on it for a full size view.

And here is a plan for the Millennium Green today. Click on it for a full size view.

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Annual Report 2002

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Annual Report 2008

Annual Report 2009