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Children's Playground Under Threat of Closure
23rd September 2004.

This playground is located in Blakedown, on the edge of the Churchill and Blakedown Sports Center's football fields, behind Blakedown Primary school. If a real, long term solution is not found soon, one that will secure the running and maintenance of the playground then it will have to close. The play equipment is simply becoming too old and dangerous to use.

The playground is sited on land that belongs to the Churchill and Blakedown Sports Center, and due to a severe lack of funds they have had to rely on donations made by Curchill and Blakedown Parish Council to keep it open until now. Now, the playground requires major repairs to the equipment, especially the slide and see-saw, which have recently been closed in a generous effort by the Sports Center to keep the playground open. The Sports Center were advised by their lawers to close it completely. The equipment does meet RoSPA standards for safety, according to the latest report.

At the Churchill and Blakedown Parish Council meeting, held on Wednesday evening 22nd September, a large representation of parents and members of the public were in attendance to put their concerns before the council. This issue took up a large portion of the meeting and views were heard from the Public, Sports Center and Parish Council. Details of which will be published after the next Parish Council meeting.

It was heard from the Sports Center that if repairs were not made, then the playground would close on 30th September 2004 because the Sports Center could no longer carry the risk of a child, or any other person, being hurt on the faulty equipment. Concerned parents had already taken the initiative and had obtained quotes from various companies to have the equipment repaired and/or replaced.

The Parish Council voted that although they could not accept responsibility for the running and maintenance of the playground, they would make an immediate donation of £1000 to the Sports Center so that immediate repairs of the Slide and See-saw could be undertaken and the closure of the playground prevented.

It was also decided by the Parish Council to organise a public meeting regarding the issue as the playground is an important aspect of the community and should not be lost. Deatils of the meeting will follow and be advertised on this site.

If you have any views on the playground, send them to the WebMaster