Village News & Notices 2012

Situation Vacant
School Governor – Blakedown Primary School

The situation referred to is vacant but not lonely – we are a team who all work together for the pupils,
their families and the staff of Blakedown Primary School. 
We have space on this team for one more, as a board we comprise of retirees, parents,
staff, Parish Councillors, Diocese appointments, parents of past pupils.
You don’t have to have had children at the school (you don’t need to have had children at all!)
The space available is for a Community Governor and will help you forge links between the village,
the wider community and Blakedown Primary School.
We meet at least once each term in the school.  There is lots of support from other Governors,
Worcestershire County Council and from the Staff at the school.
Please contact the Head Teacher Mrs Beckford-Bond to ask questions and look around on
01562 700243 or pop into the school to make an appointment.

You get to be involved and make a difference.                 
Young people today ………………. Make it better!


with qualified teacher Julie Whitby
Each Tuesday during term time 7.00-8.00 at Blakedown Sports Pavilion
Whether you are an athlete, or hardly do any exercise, Yoga stretches and relaxes the muscles you use,

and strengthen the muscles you don't, helping to prevent injuries by making the whole body strong yet elastic,

light yet grounded.  the mental and spiritual elements of Yoga teach techniques

to reduce stress and create a focussed and uncluttered mind.
All ages, male and female welcome!
Queries to Julie on 01299 400638 or 07761 967322.


Further to the report that Wyre Forest District Council were considering putting forward the former Yieldingtree Packers
site at Hackman’s Gate as a potential permanent site for travelling showpeople and their vehicles, we are pleased to report
that the Council is no longer proposing to include this site.
All four possible sites were ruled out from further consideration, of which Hackman’s Gate was only one.
This leaves Wyre Forest District Council struggling to find a deliverable and practical site to replace the current site
at Long Bank, Bewdley.
If you have any questions or would like any more information please contact

Jim Long, Parish Councillor, on 01562 701168 (Home) or 01384 371177 (Work)

Hello all
Please see below a press release from Wyre Forest District Council which needs your attention. 

Although it is just outside the parish boundary of Churchill and Blakedown Parish being at Hackman's Gate,
if approved one location could affect our Parish and the neighbouring properties and potential for new development in
both Blakedown and Hagley.
This site is very close to residential properties.  If you have any views for or against on whether this is a suitable site
to accommodate travelling showpeople (an operating centre for fairground equipment, commercial vehicle maintenance etc),
you should make these known as soon as possible.  This site has been redundant since ceasing to be used as a farm
packing station (and prior to that I remember it as a farm shop) and is currently for sale as vacant land through
Lee Shaw Commercial.
The next Churchill and Blakedown Parish Council meeting is not until 15th February so if you have any views
please note an urgent response is required well before then.  You should therefore make your own representations
to your Wyre Forest councillors and send a copy of any objection to your Parish Councillors. 
Use of this site may of course generate the use of Belbroughton Road by heavy lorries with fairground trailers.

If you want any assistance or more information on whom to approach please do not hesitate to contact me or
any of my colleagues on the Parish Council.

Jim Long
Churchill and Blakedown Parish Council
Tel 01384 371177 (Work), 01562 701168 (Home)

 News Release from Wyre Forest District Council

For immediate release 20th January

Local Development Framework Panel Consider Gypsy and Traveller Site Provision
Wyre Forest District Council’s Local Development Framework (LDF) Panel met on Monday 16th January to
consider the responses from the public consultation that the Council held in October/November 2011 regarding
the possible allocation of sites for gypsies and travellers and travelling showpeople.
The LDF Panel agreed to recommend to the Council’s Scrutiny Committee to be held on 30th January 2012,
that 3 sites at Sandy Lane, Stourport – Nunn’s Corner, Saiwen and The Gables Yard should be included in the
Site Allocations and Policies Development Plan Document (DPD) which the Council hopes to see adopted later this year.
The LDF Panel also looked at alternative sites that had been suggested through the consultation process.
The Panel agreed with officers that the following four sites should all be considered further and should be the
subject of a six week consultation exercise:
- Land opposite the Gatehouse, Sandy Lane (where a temporary 2 year planning permission was granted
by the Council in November 2011);
- 28/29 Sandy Lane;
- 1a Broach Road, Sandy Lane:
- land at Wilden Lane (north of the industrial estate). This site would be for travelling showpeople.
In addition the LDF Panel felt that sites at Clows Top Garage and the former Yieldingtree Packing site,
Hackman’s Gate should also be considered for possible travelling showpeople use; and a site at
Hoobrook Trading Estate in Kidderminster should be considered for possible gypsy and traveller pitches.
Officers were requested to investigate whether the owners of any of these sites were prepared to make them
available for these uses and to report to the Scrutiny Committee on 30th January.
The LDF Panel recommendations have yet to be considered by the Council’s Scrutiny Committee on
30th January 2012 which will then make recommendations to the Cabinet, which meets on 31st January 2012.
Both meetings will be held in the Civic Hall, Stourport starting at 6.00pm. The Cabinet will make a final
decision on all the sites in question at that meeting.  
The final decision on the pre-submission version of both the Site Allocations and Policies Development Plan
Document and the Kidderminster Central Area Action Plan Development Plan Document is expected to be
made by Cabinet in June and Council in July. The documents will then be submitted to the Secretary of State
and an Examination in Public is expected to be held later this year by an inspector from the
Planning Inspectorate before they are finally adopted.

Village News & Notices 2011
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Blakedown Ward
The above Parish Council will consider filling by co-option
a casual vacancy for a Councillor at its meeting to be held on        
Wednesday, 14th December 2011, at 7.30 pm
The Pavilion, Sports and Recreation Centre,
Birmingham Road, Blakedown
Those who are interested in serving the community in this way and
want to become a candidate for co-option should obtain an
application form for candidacy from the Clerk or downloaded
from the Parish Council web site -
Download application form here

Help & Vigilance Required for Badger Snaring
Kidderminster Shuttle Story

Barratts Exhibition Postponed
There has been a small issue with the delivery of invitation leaflets for the 2nd Barratt exhibition tomorrow.
As such and to allow for sufficient notification we are

postponing the event until
7 November (running from 2.30pm – 8pm).
Apologies from Barratts for the confusion

Worcestershire Regulatory Services, Trading Standards division,  has received calls from
residents in the Kidderminster area of Worcestershire raising concerns in relation to door to
door callers offering to carryout driveway works. Consumers are being reminded of
their rights in relation to door to door callers

 Know your rights
Residents should be made aware that all traders who agree contracts at a consumers
property must provide a cooling off period of seven days. A specific cancellation notice must be
provided which should detail the consumers right to a cooling off period,
a contact address for the trader and also information about  how to cancel.
If a trader wants to start work before the cooling off period expires ,
the trader must get written permission from the consumer and provide a
written warning that if the contract starts the consumer can still cancel
until the seventh day. However the consumer will have to pay a reasonable amount
for any works that have been started provided the warning notice has been supplied.
Please remember that the cancellation period is available to protect you!
Do you need the work to start before the end of the cooling off period and are
you getting a fair deal? Cheap does not always mean a fair deal.

The law gives a consumer an opportunity to consider if they want to go ahead with any works,
and if the cancellation notice is not supplied to the consumer not only does the trader
commit an offence but  the contract cannot legally be enforced against the consumer
e.g. payment does not have to be made.

Consumers are also advised to ensure that they check a traders credentials, ensure that you
have a trading address and the name of the owner of the business if the
company is not a limited company . Without this information, if things do go wrong,
you may not be able to pursue a claim against the trader.

Be clear and ask salesman/traders to leave your property. If you do not want to buy
from a salesman/ trader be clear and ask them to leave your property.
If they refuse to leave or leave and return to your property they will be committing a criminal offence.

Ideally consumers should get three quotes from reputable tradesman and not rush into a decision.
Consumers can search the Worcestershire Trader Register which is a free online directory
of local businesses and trades people who have given Trading Standards
their commitment to provide a good service.
Please contact the Trader Register on 01905 765394, or e-mail:
 By using the Worcestershire Trader Register you are supporting reliable local businesses and trades people.
If you require advice about your rights or to report a trader contact Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06

Newsletter containing Mark Garnier's views on the
proposed Gypsy, Traveller & Travelling Showpeople
in the Wyre Forest.

Community & Regeneration 05-03-08 AGENDA ITEM NO. 8 - WFDC

 3.6 The Lea Castle Hospital Site, including the Lea Castle Centre and the
surrounding land owned by English Partnerships is allocated in the Adopted
Wyre Forest District Local Plan for employment purposes where policy E.4 applies,
“Proposals for the re-use of Lea Castle Hospital, to includeemployment uses within Class B.1
of the Town & Country
Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987, as amended, will be
considered according to Policy GB.4”.
Policy GB.4 of the Adopted Local Plan deals with major development sites in the Green Belt
and sets out the criteria against which proposals for
redevelopment of these sites,
including Lea Castle Hospital, will be

The Churchill and Blakedown PACT meeting - the last one for this year is

 Tuesday 20th September, 7pm at Blakedown Primary School, Birmingham Road

Look forward to seeing you there

Barratt Development Document
(click to download)

Public Exhibition by Barratts re.
Blakedown Nurseries Site

Proposals for Blakedown Nurseries Site
(Wyre Forest District Council)

With the exception of Blakedown, it is proposed to maintain the current ADR sites. The
Blakedown Nurseries site is a derelict nursery with extensive hardstanding and outbuildings
which has suffered from antisocial behaviour issues. Furthermore there is an established local
need identified through the Parish Housing Needs Survey and no other site within the settlement
inset is considered suitable to meet this need. Further details can be found in the Blakedown
Nurseries Policy in Part B
More comprehensive details of the WFDC LDF consultation document can be downloaded here

A Representation Form can be downloaded here

Driver robbed at knifepoint 

A motorist had his wallet stolen from him at knifepoint this afternoon
(Friday 10 June) when he pulled up at traffic lights at the Hackman’s Gate crossroads between Blakedown and Belbroughton.
Police are now urgently appealing for witnesses following the incident
just before 1.30pm. The victim, a man in his 30s, was driving a white
Ford Focus in Belbroughton Road towards Blakedown and had
just pulled up at the junction when it happened.
The offender walked into the middle of the road to open the driver’s
door and demanded his wallet while threatening him with a knife.
The motorist handed over his wallet, containing cards and a
small amount of cash, then stepped on the accelerator to escape.
After driving to the other side of the junction he stopped and
contacted the police.
The robber, who had a small black dog with him, was last seen
dragging the animal along a grass verge from the crossroads
back towards Belbroughton.
He is described as white, aged in his mid-30s, around
5 feet 9 inches in height and skinny. He had brown hair which
was short at the front and sides but long and straggly at the back.
He was wearing dirty, blue jeans and a grey sports jacket
with black stripes down the sleeves.
Police, including dog handlers, are currently searching the area.
Detective Constable Paul Willetts of Kidderminster CID said:
“The driver was obviously shocked but unhurt. This happened at a
very busy junction in broad daylight and we urgently need to speak
to anyone who witnessed what happened.
“We have a good description of the offender and his dog and
it is highly likely that someone would have seen him there in
the area or may know who he is. If so then please contact us
without delay.”
Anyone with information should call detectives at Kidderminster
CID on 0300 333 3000, quoting incident reference 346-S-100611,
or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Wyre Forest District Council (WFDC) and Masters Degree student

Alexandra Heelis are looking for 20 households to take up composting

for the fiirst time.

The aims are to:
Show how easy and rewarding composting waste is.

° Study attitudes and behaviour towards food waste and composting

through questionnaires, food diaries and weighing of compostable waste.

° Volunteers will be given a compost bin, kitchen caddie and information

leaflets as well as being provided with ongoing advice and support

from volunteer Master Composters.

Anyone who would like to volunteer should contact WFDC on

01562 732928 or visit

and go to the waste pages and then onto the composting pages for an

application form.

Alternatively contact Alexandra Heelis for more information on the scheme: 07878831505

Commencement of data collection no later than

6th June therefore application forms needed before the end of May.

This year's Big Tidy Up is on Saturday 21st Saturday.

The plan is to do Churchill first, meeting at the church at 10am and then to tidy up 
Blakedown in the afternoon, meeting on car park of the Old House at Home at 2pm.
As usual binbags, pickers and gloves will be provided. We will also supply bright tabards
to make sure we are visible, especially on the roads, and  stickers and badges.

Please come along and help even, if it only for half an hour,  as many hands make
light work.
Each year we collect bags and bags of rubbish...................  imagine if we hadn't
it would still be lying in the lanes and hedges and spoiling  our lovely villages.

Any questions  please give me a call 701265


   will be held on
         Wednesday, 13th April 2011 at 8.00 pm
     in Blakedown C of E Primary School,
 Birmingham Road, Blakedown
It is your opportunity to raise any matter concerning our villages
       Peter Dearden, Chairman, Churchill and Blakedown Parish Council
 April 2011

Wyre Forest Council’s Community & Regeneration Scrutiny Committee meets on Thursday 7th April to consider:  
Wyre Forest District Local Development Framework - Site Allocations and Policies and Kidderminster Central Area, Action Plan DPDs: Preferred Options Consultation
Subject to Council’s approval of the Briefing Paper, consultations will be held between 26th May and 8th July 2011 before approving various sites in the Local Development Framework.
Approximately 37 houses are proposed
Blakedown Nurseries’ site is

Blakedown PTA in support of Blakedown C of E Primary School presents

An evening of dinner and dancing
on Friday 30th September 2011
at The Granary Hotel and Restaurant, Shenstone

Plus 'Auction of Promises'

**£29 per person – champagne reception, 3 course dinner**
**and coffee with disco ‘til late!**
For more information, to offer help or a lot for auction please contact
Karen Fletcher 07840 823230
Jo Hewitt 07815 736948
Karina Sheffield 07789 514382


All profits will go directly to the school

I've just joined a really useful website which shows you
what your neighbours will give away or lend.
It gives you access to a whole load of stuff, is good
for the environment, saves you money and builds
community all in one go. It is totally free to join
though to become a member you have to show that
you are a little bit community spirited by offering
on thing you would be willing to lend or give away.
It can be really low value items like DVDs,
a guidebook or it can be higher value like an
old TV you want to get rid of.

I've joined and it would be great if you could too!
If you like it feel free to tell other people about it.

It is at

Many Thanks

Diane Harrison

Blakedown Invaded by Scooters

A convoy of scooters was spotted this morning in Blakedown.
There were approximately 150 scooters in the convoy.
It is not known where they were going too!!

The following email was sent to the website & I would suggest
that all visitors should go to the website and vote for the
upgrade in our area.

"Following reading an article on the BBC website regarding the planned
upgrade of broadband access for rural areas, I have checked the BT site and note that if BT are to consider investing
in upgrading our internet access, they require that at least
75% in the area register an interest".

Paul Carpenter

As at 21st October there have been a total of 11 votes cast
for the upgrade some 1.29% of the 75% required.
So if you would like to have the latest, fastest broadband
available to you CAST YOUR VOTE!!!

The screenshot below explains what the race to infinity is all about.


Community First Newsletters (pdf.) can be downloaded here:



Worcester CASH is a Christian charity committed to providing a
service to persons
living in Worcestershire who are in conditions of
financial hardship regardless of ethnic, religious

or philosophical persuasion, age, appearance,
race, nationality, sexual orientation, status or
disability. We aim to treat all in an equal and
respectful manner.
Our Newsletter (pdf.) can be downloaded here:

Newsletter (pdf.) of the Worcestershire Youth Cabinet
can be downloaded here: 

Request for Information about the Jordan Family

I am currently researching the Jordan family most of whom seem to have been born
in or around Stakenbridge and as I understand it the Ecclesiastical Parish of Blakedown. 
Currently I am working on Amy Jordan and her sister Ginny Jordan (neither one married). 
Amy appears on the 1901 census as a
15 yr old but I can't find her sister (what is Ginny short for?).
Their parents were also born in Stakenbridge, between 1849 and 1851, Henry and Mary Jordan. 
I think Ginny ended her years at Blakedown and is possibly buried there
(info from another relative).  
Do you know if there are any Jordans buried at Blakedown or Stakenbridge? 
Many thanks, Janet Cooper
If anybody has any information on the Jordan family, please mail & I will pass this on to Janet Cooper

As you are aware at the beginning of the year we asked  you complete a questionnaire about the
housing needs in Churchill & Blakedown to see if there was a need for any social housing.
We have now had the results back and it makes for very interesting reading. 
A need for housing, including bungalows and flats has been identified in both villages.
The next step is to consider different Housing Associations who we, as a community,
could work with and to identify where we can build these houses.
If you have any comments to make about the survey results please let the
Parish Council know because we need to involve everyone if we are to get this right.
The Parish Council will continue to keep you all informed through every stage.
Kind Regards
Cllr Victoria Swindells

The Housing Needs Survey is available for download here:

Churchill & Blakedown Photography Competition 2010
Read more about the competition and and entry form by clicking here


We are delighted to announce the launch of Worcestershire Rural Outreach Project,
providing a wide range of support for small rural voluntary and community groups.
Support will be made available in your local area where possible, at times convenient to you,
and can be tailored to your needs.  Groups are already benefiting from help and advice with
completing funding applications, searches for funding through Funderfinder, and the setting up of a
new youth group. We offer regular newsletters, information fact sheets, tips on recruiting volunteers,
help to find out about grants available and how to navigate your way through the funding
application process. You may also need new fund-raising and publicity ideas and perhaps would like
the opportunity to meet other similar/local groups. 
Jackie Murrall, Development Worker, said “many small groups based in Worcestershire villages
may not know what help is available and may be struggling, particularly in the current economic climate.
We can visit and see how we can help your group to survive and your community to thrive.”
If you are involved with, or thinking of setting up a group in Churchill or Blakedown,
or the surrounding areas, which you think could benefit from this free support service,
give us a call on 01527  837879 or e mail: to
arrange for Jackie to visit your group to discuss your needs.

Broome Village Country Fayre

Saturday 26 June 2010

Broome Village Country Fayre will be held in the beautiful grounds of Broome House in
Broome village on Saturday 26 June 2010 to raise funds in support of local community groups
including the Hagley Girl Guides and Blakedown Scouts.

The Fayre will be open from 1.30pm to 4.00pm and entry is at the gates of Broome House in
Broome Village.
The village road is closed for the day to ensure the safety of all visitors to the Fayre.

Attractions this year include: Vintage cars, Belly dancers, Appalachian dancers, Childrens puppeteer,
World cup tent, Licensed Bar, Barrel organ, BBQ, Greasy pole, Bouncy castle, Quad bikes,
Steam train rides White elephant stall, Steam engines, Live music and entertainment, Side shows,
Cream teas, Tombola, Raffle, Plant stalls, locally made craft products and many stall attractions.

Entry fee is £1 per person with ample vehicle parking free of charge.

Broome Village Fayre is a fun and safe summer day out for families in a beautiful country
location within easy reach from Stourbridge, Kidderminster, Halesowen, Belbroughton,
Hagley and surrounding areas.



will be held on

Wednesday, 21st April 2010 at 7.30 pm

in Blakedown C of E Primary School,
Birmingham Road, Blakedown


It is your opportunity to raise any matter concerning our village

R J Whiston,
Chairman, Churchill and Blakedown Parish Council

12th April 2010

A huge thank you to all the people who turned up on
Saturday 27th March to help with
We tidied up Churchill and Blakedown and collected 35 bags of rubbish.

 Whilst it great we collected this many bags it is sad to think how much rubbish
we had been walking and driving past in our villages.
So to make the job easier next year if you see any litter please pick it up.

 Special thanks must go to Father Paul  and PC Kate Easthope who
helped in both the Blakedown and Churchill tidy ups
And extra special thanks to Megan Roberts, Harry & Sam Gardiner and
Elizabeth & Georgina James who also help in
both tidy was long day.

Cllr Victoria Swindells

Too much garden waste?
Download this leaflet from Wyre Forest District Council
to learn how to get rid of it
Garden Waste Leaflet
(Churchill & Blakedown are covered by the scheme)

Parish Meeting, Wednesday 21st April

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held in Blakedown C of E Primary School
on 21st April at 7.30 pm.
The main topic will be the presentation of the Parish Plan by the Parish Plan Group.
It is hoped that another speaker will also be able to attend.
All residents of the Parish are entitled to attend and speak at this meeting.

Christian Aid Week 9th – 15th May 2010
Door-to-Door Collection
If you helped with the collection last year and are unable to do so
this year please contact me now on 700776.
Also, if anyone else feels able to deliver and collect a few envelopes
during the week commencing 9th May please call me on the above number.
Many thanks,
Mary Macdiarmid

Following the success of last year’s Big Tidy Up we   

are arranging  it again this year

Saturday 27th March  10:30am start at Blakedown School
and 2:30pm start at Churchill Church
All welcome whatever age, bags and tabards provided.
Gloves optional but advised as some stuff can be a bit nasty.

150th Anniversary celebrations
Visit to the Cotswolds, (Broadway,Stow and Sudeley Castle)
Saturday 24th April 2010 Cost approx.£15-00
For further information and to book
Contact Hilary Dyer  01562 700 748
The Village Party in January
We want to keep a record of this special year.
Did anyone take any photographs at this event?
If you did, could we have a copy of one or two for the log book.
Many thanks Marilyn Hiscock


Saturday 1st May 2009 3.30-5.30pm   Blakedown Rectory Garden  
Come and enjoy a cuppa and cake in aid of Parkinson's UK
(the new name for the Parkinson's Disease Society )
supporting people with Parkinson's and their families/carers.  
Bring & Buy. Raffle.  
It would help with catering if you could please phone 700144 by 30th April
to say you are coming.

Blakedown Shoppers Car Park

Apparently a company called 'The Private Car-Parking Enforcement Agency',
has been issuing parking fines to users of the car park & they have no authority
to do so.

Please check your ticket to see if it was issued by them or
Wyre Forest District Council.

If you have been wrongly charged by this company you will be refunded.
There is a website listed on the ticket for you to contact.
However if you have difficulties then please contact
Wyre Forest District Council Car Parking Department.

Councillor Pauline Hayward

Fete Meeting Dates
22nd April 7.45pm @ The Swan
20th May 7.45pm @ The Swan
17th June 7.45pm @ Blakedown Primary School

Rural Mentoring Scheme in
WorcestershireNeeds Female
Volunteers to work
with Women

For further information download the p.d.f. file here

Congratulations to the Rector, Father Paul on achieving his
Master of Arts degree following three years of study.
He will be presented with his degree from University of Wales at a graduation
ceremony at Sarum College on 6th March 2010.

A bunch of keys were found on 13th January 2010 during the snowy weather.
They were found at the Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club
Please telephone 01562 700205 to claim them


          Contact:    Julie Wedgbury    Telephone:    01527 586369
        Date:    Monday 18 January, 2010    Ref:    JW180110 Sheep injured

Sheep injured

Police are appealing for the owner of a dog who attacked three sheep to get in touch.

The sheep were in a field in the Wannerton area of Kidderminster between
4pm and 4.30pm on Sunday 17 January when the dog attacked them.

While two of the sheep managed to run off from the dog,
the third suffered numerous bite marks and may not survive.

PC Lee Halford said: “One of the sheep has been left in a serious condition following the attack
and it’s vital that we get to speak to the owner of the dog responsible.

“We understand that the dog is a blue and white pedigree husky and that the owner is a white female in her mid 30s
who spoke with a local Kidderminster accent and was wearing a bright orange coat on the afternoon of the incident.

“If this was you, or you feel you may know who this is, please get in touch with police at the earliest opportunity.”

Police are also reminding dog owners to keep their dogs on leads around sheep and cattle.

Anyone with information about Sunday’s incident is asked to call PC Halford on 0300 333 3000
(quoting incident 564-S-170110) or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

                        The Sheep has since died

In a recent BBC news item, Blakedown is mentioned.
Click this link to go to the article.
(The video shown is NOT Blakedown crossing)

Hagley & District Christian Aid Committee
Quiz with Bring & Share Supper
Saturday 6th February 2010
Hagley Free Church Hall Starting at 7.00pm
£5.00 per person Tables of four
Prizes & Raffle!
Soft Drinks, Teas & Coffees provided

Police investigate woman’s death 

A woman has died following an incident at a North Worcestershire village pub. 
The woman suffered head injuries during the incident which took place in the early hours of
Monday 28 December at the Robin Hood pub in Drayton Road, Drayton near Belbroughton.
She died three days later in hospital (on New Year’s Eve, Thursday 31 December).
Police say that they are treating the woman’s death as unexplained and while a post mortem
has been carried out, further results are awaited.
Detective Inspector Terry Shore said: “A full investigation into the circumstances surrounding
this incident is underway and we are keen to speak to anyone who was at the Robin Hood pub in
Drayton on the evening of Sunday 27 December into the early hours of Monday 28 December.
We believe there was a party at the premises and we want to be sure we have
spoken to everyone who attended to help us build the full picture of what happened.”
Two males were arrested on Monday 28 December in connection with the incident.
One was released without charge while the other was released on bail pending further
While there will be extra reassurance patrols in the Drayton area as enquiries continue,
police say they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident at this
stage of their investigation.
Police are urging anyone with information to call Bromsgrove CID
on 0300 333 3000 quoting incident 95-S-281209.




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