Minutes of the Meeting of Churchill and Blakedown Parish Council held on Wednesday, 18th March 2009, in Blakedown Parish Rooms.


PRESENT      Cllr R J Whiston (Chairman)

                        Cllr Mrs S Cartwright

                        Cllr S D Charman (from Item 5, minute no. 51/09)

Cllr P A Dearden

Cllr T A Gardiner

Cllr Mrs P V Hayward

                        Cllr J W Long

                        Cllr B A Pitt

                        Cllr Mrs V J Swindells


In attendance:            CSO Kate Easthope

                        Roger Gurney, Clerk to the Parish Council


47/09            CHAIRMANS REMARKS

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting and thanked Cllr Dearden for chairing the previous meeting.  


48/09            APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE



49/09            DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST    


50/09            COMMUNITY POLICING

CSO Kate Easthope was invited to speak. She reported that the number of burglaries has fallen, although there is a rise in the number of reports of anti social behavior (ASB). She emphasized that in these cases it is important to make contact by ‘phone, rather than email, so that details can be taken staightaway and followed up speedily. Following the kerbing work at Station Drive the police had received several ‘phone calls, but no offences had occurred as there was no obstruction and there are no yellow lines. There will have to be a meeting with PC Julian Turner to discuss what restrictions may be necessary to control parking.

The CSO reported that a PACT meeting will be held on 20th April, 11.00 – 12.00 noon.

Replying to a question there is money available for work to deter ASB, eg gates at the Parish Rooms. It was reported that there have been fires behind the BT building next to the station.

Members were pleased to receive the Alerts from the police, but asked if emails could be sent blind. CSO Kate Easthope requested that Members do not forward emails to others.


(5 members of the public were in attendance. Ian Murray introduced himself as the agent for the owners of the former Nursery site in Belbroughton Road. Before submitting an application to WFDC he would be pleased to know what the PC’s “shopping list” for a




S.106 Agreement might be. Members referred to the Parish Plan and the consultation replies and said in general terms that a comprehensive plan would be helpful, rather that piecemeal developing. Mr Murray is prepared to meet the PC again, when the scheme proceeds. Mr Lorton commented that the Station Drive work did not seem to be completed, the Village Green needs to be reinstated, the stile in Sandy Lane has not been repaired, the pelican crossing light is wrongly orientated and a new drain has been put in the field between New Wood Farm and Ladies Pool (the Clerk to report this to WFDC). One resident asked whether the bollards, which were once across The Avenue, can be reinstated about half way along its length, and there is a considerable amount of rubbish being deposited. It was reported that trees in the station yard have been lopped; Cllr Long commented that this was not part of the planning permission and WFDC were not able to take any action. Judy Doust commented that the parking problems in Roxall Close and Lynwood Drive, following the Station Drive work, anticipated at the previous meeting, had occurred).



County Cllr Clee sent his apologies and there was no report.



            18th FEBRUARY 2009

            It was agreed that amendments be made as follows:

            Minute no. 29/09, line 4, delete “licensed”, insert “unlicensed”

            Minute no. 31/09, application no. 09/0058, delete ”Cottage”, insert “House”.

Subject to these amendments it was proposed by Cllr Dearden, seconded by Cllr

Gardiner, and RESOLVED that the Minutes, being a true and accurate record of the proceedings of the meeting, be signed be the Chairman.



(1)    Parish Web site. Gordon Stevens had submitted an apology and there was no report.  

(2)    Lengthsman/Handyman report. Mark Jones was invited to speak. He reported that

fly tipping continues along Waggon Lane and there is much litter on the Sports Field, eg tape, water bottles and polystyrene cups. The Clerk will report this to the Sports Committee. Mark Jones commented on the need for additional litter and dog bins at the Sports Field; this is being taken up by the Parish Plan. Members agreed that the annual contract with WCC be renewed.

(3) Registration of the Village Green and The Avenue. Cllr Dearden continues to work at this.

(4) Trees in The Avenue. The Clerk reported that the Tree Officer at WFDC, Richard Kingston, has inspected the chestnut trees and considers that some work is required. As there is no known owner of The Avenue, he will arrange for the work to be done by WFDC, in the next financial year.  

(5) Offer of Items of Needlework. It was reported that there may be interest to set up a    Craft Circle in the village, which would take over the various items. This will be publicized on the website.

(6) War Memorial. The Clerk and Chairman will liaise to arrange for a presentation to Mr Trow. The Clerk needs to confirm with Mark Jones that he will take over the grass mowing and will register with WFDC that some maintenance may be needed.


CHURCHILL AND BLAKEDOWN PARISH COUNCIL Minutes 18.03.09             15


(7) Annual Meeting and Newsletter. The arrangements for the meeting at the School were confirmed; the Chairman’s annual report has been agreed and will be emailed to Cllr Gardiner for inserting in the newsletter; printing and distribution are in hand.     

(8) Street Name Plates. The Clerk reported that he had received a telephone call from WFDC, requesting that they meet with a representative of the PC to agree the exact location of the various signs. The Chairman agreed to attend the meeting

(9) Local listing by WFDC. A letter from WFDC was enclosed with the agenda. It was noted with disappointment that WFDC will not start surveying in Churchill and Blakedown for at least a year. Cllr Long and Cllr Mrs Hayward had met with the Planners, who confirmed the position, stating that there was no list, so it could not be added to. It was agreed that, following the Parish Plan comments, a list would be drawn up and sent to WFDC.



(1) It was resolved that the comments on the following applications, as detailed, be sent to Wyre Forest DC.       


Applications Received

WF/09/0102            Extensions and alterations (including refacing existing brickwork),

13 New Wood Lane, Blakedown


No objection, but there is a need to ensure that quality materials are used which are sympathetic to the surroundings.


WF/09/0130            New vehicular access and raised decking to rear, 10 Churchill Lane, Blakedown


Object, as it is considered that the access (which appears to have been constructed

already) on this narrow stretch of road is inadequate and its use would be a danger to

other road users.


            (2) Planning Decisions - for information

            WF/08/0698            Removal of agricultural occupancy condition, Sunset Nursery, Waggon


            WF/08/1081            Replace front walling and gates, and frontage ground works, Woodland

House, 2 New Wood Lane, Blakedown - GRANTED           

            WF/08/1099            Demolition and replacement with one house and twin garage, Duckpen

Cottages, Birmingham Road, Blakedown - REFUSED


(3) Update

WF/08/0839            Erection of 3 dwellings, access and turning area, rear of 5 Mill Lane (off Mill Close), Blakedown


Cllr Mrs Swindells had attended and spoken at the WFDC Planning Committee. A

decision on the application was deferred to enable a site visit to be made.


16                         CHURCHILL AND BLAKEDOWN PARISH COUNCIL Minutes 18.03.09

55/09            FINANCE

(1)        The Clerk reported that the current account today stands at £145.92p and the Instant Access account stands at £10,402.92p, giving a total credit balance of £10,548.84p.

(2)            The Receipts and Payments account for 06.01.09 – 06.03.09 was received.

(3)        It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Hayward, seconded by Cllr Mrs Cartwright, and resolved that the following accounts be approved for payment:

Staples UK Ltd, photocopying (February) £8.91 + £1.34 VAT                £  10.25

                        R D Gurney salary                                                                           £621.84

                                                expenses (Nov/Feb) £69.52 + £3.83 VAT                £  73.35

                        Freda Griffith (for Parish Plan)                                                                  £  49.00

                        Blakedown Parish Room Committee (for Parish Plan)                              £  60.00                           Mark Jones              handyman                                                                     £360.00

                                                       lengthsman                                                                  £200.00


56/09            HIGHWAY MATTERS

The Clerk reported that he has written to WCC asking for updates on the footway repair at The Dingle, gritting procedures, 20 mph speed limit outside Blakedown School, completion of work at Churchill cross roads, the cost of the recent traffic count in Churchill and control of parking in Roxall Close and Lynwood Drive.

Members asked the Clerk to report the poor state of Stakenbridge Lane and asked for the  length of highway from Stoney Lane to Churchill cross roads can be resurfaced. The Clerk was asked to find out whether the work in Station Drive has been completed.

Members were concerned at the continuing nuisance caused by large vehicles using Stakenbridge Lane/Rocky Lane and asked for signs to be displayed at either end stating “weight limit of 7.5 tonnes” and could the PC make a contribution towards these.

It was noted that there is no sign indicating Blakedown from Hagley and the Clerk was asked for this to be attended to.   


57/09            SHOPPERS CAR PARK

After the talk at the previous meeting the promised follow up letter from Susan Winmill has not been received.



There was nothing to report.


The two public meetings, held on 13th March in Blakedown and 14th March in Churchill, had been well attended and had proved useful. There will be Press releases. The Chairman thanked all who had helped, and praised the publicity.  

60/09   BIG TIDY UP

Posters advertising Saturday 21st March as the date for the Churchill Tidy Up were circulated. The Blakedown Tidy Up will take place on Saturday, 25th April: it will be led by Georgina James from Blakedown School and will concentrate on The Avenue, and the Village Green.  

CHURCHILL AND BLAKEDOWN PARISH COUNCIL Minutes 18.03.09                       17



A meeting has been arranged for next week. Comments received indicate that the PC’s idea for a facilitating meeting is a good idea. 



This will be part of the Parish Plan report. The Clerk will need to liaise with WFDC for collection of waste. Cllr Mrs Swindells will report back to the next meeting.



Before taking over ownership Members were made aware of cost of maintenance of the trees (see 53/09(4) above), lack of drainage, current rights of access and public liability cover (probably covered by existing policy, but the Clerk to check). There is already a sewer and substation. Members have to consider if the PC is prepared to take over ownership of The Avenue.

The Clerk was asked to seek advice from CALC on what procedures are needed if the PC were to acquire this land and for this to be discussed at the next meeting.



Mr Murray had spoken during the Public Forum and it was agreed that there was no urgency to supply him with a “wish list” of items to be included in a S.106 Agreement. In the meantime it was agreed to pass the information to the Parish Plan Group.


64/09            ITEMS FROM CALC

The Area Meeting had been held in Bewdley on 5th March but, unfortunately, the speaker from the Environment Agency was unable to attend.  


65/09            CORRESPONDENCE (for noting)

(1) Wolverhampton Airport Action Group newsletter

(2) WCC – Tenbury & Teme Valley Walking weekend, 9th/10th May

            (3) Kinver PC – agendas and minutes

(4) Standards Board newsletter; Worcestershire Partnership; West Mercia Constabulary, mission and aims; Clerks and Councils Direct: CPRE Fieldwork



            The Clerk was asked to report to WFDC the extension at 19 Brookside Way.



The Parish Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 15th April 2009, in Blakedown School and an Extraordinary Meeting of the Council will follow.

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday, 20th May 2009 in Blakedown Parish Rooms.


The meeting closed at 10.30 pm.



Dated this 20th day of May 2009                             ………………………………............


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